Suvin Advisors brings you the Detailed list of GST Rates

Chapter wise GST Rates

Please find the GST Rates for Textile Industry as announced on 03-06-2017

1. Following fabrics with no condition for accumulation of ITC are
taxable @ 5%
a) Woven fabrics of silk or silk waste
b) Fabrics of wool or of animal hair
c) Cotton fabrics
d) Fabrics of other vegetable textile fibres,paper yarn
e) Fabrics of manmade textile materials
f) Fabrics of manmade staple fibres
g) Knitted or crocheted fabrics
2. Following items up to Sale value Rs. 1000 are taxable @ 5% and
above Rs. 1000/- are taxable @ 12%
a) Articles of apparel and clothing accessories, knitted or crocheted
b) Articles of apparel and clothing accessories, not knitted or crocheted
c) Blankets and travelling rugs
d) Bed linen, Knitted or crocheted, Toilet linen and kitchen linen, of terry toweling or similar terry fabrics
e) Curtains (including drapes) and interior blinds; curtain or bed valances
f) Other furnishing articles, such as Bedspreads Counterpanes, Napkins, Pillow case and pillow slip, Table cloth and table cover, Towels, other than terry towel, Mosquito nets,Cushion covers
g) Sacks and bags
h) Tarpaulins, awnings and sunblinds; tents; sails for boats, sailboards or landcraft; camping goods.
i) Other made up articles, including dress patterns; such as Floor-cloths dishcloths, dusters and similar cleaning cloths, Life-jackets and Lifebelts, Sets consisting of woven fabric and yarn, whether or not with accessories, for making up into rugs, tapestries, embroidered table cloths or serviettes, or similar textile articles, put up in packing’s for retail sale.
j) Worn clothing and other worn articles
k) Used or new rags, scrap twine, cordage, rope and cables and worn out articles of twine, cordage, rope or cables, of textile materials.
3. Following items are tax free
a) Silkworm laying, cocoon, raw silk and silk waste
b) Wool, not carded or combed
c) Gandhi Topi
d) Khadi yarn
e) Coconut, coir fibre
f) Jute fibres, raw or processed but not spun
4. Following fibres/yarn are taxable @ 5%
a) Silk yarn
b) Yarn of wool or of animal hair
c) Cotton yarn, other than khadi yarn
d) Cotton sewing thread
e) Vegetable fibres and yarns such as flax, true hemp, paper yarn
5. Fibres Taxable @ 18%
a) Synthetic filament yarn such as nylon, polyester, acrylic etc
b) Artificial filament yarn such as viscose rayon, Cuprammonium etc
c) Sewing thread of manmade filaments
d) Synthetic or artificial filament tow
e) Synthetic or artificial staple fibres
f) Sewing thread of manmade staple fibres
g) Yarn of manmade staple fibres
6. Waste:
a) Silk Waste and its woven fabric is NIL rated
b) Cotton waste is taxable @ 5%
c) Waste of manmade fibre is taxable @ 18%
7. Threads
a) Cotton sewing thread is taxable @ 5%
b) Sewing thread of manmade filament shall be taxable @ 5%
c) Sewing thread of manmade staple fibre shall be taxable @ 18%
d) Woven fabric of metal thread and woven fabric of metallized yarn is taxable @ 12%


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